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17" Outdoor Rustica Thermometer Case

17" Outdoor Rustica Thermometer Case

In addition to being a functional weather instrument, our 17" outdoor hanging Galileo thermometer is sure to be a conversation piece on any patio or covered outdoor setting.

This thermometer reads temperature between 60 and 100 degrees, Fahrenheit. There are 11 temperature spheres, in red, cognac and blue colors. Tags are gold tone for a distinguished finish.

For optimal temperature reading and color life in temperature spheres, hang your Galileo thermometer under a covered patio, or somewhere out of direct sunlight. Your thermometer should be brought inside during inclement weather.

How your Galileo Thermometer works:

If the room temperature rises the spheres will sink one by one to the bottom of the cylinder. 
If the room temperature falls the spheres will rise one by one to the top of the cylinder.

How to read your Galileo Thermometer:

Locate the lowest temperature tag from the upper group of spheres in the cylinder.

Size: 17"

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